What We Do

UEM offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services including: functional servicing studies including municipal class environmental assessments, preliminary and detailed road design and reconstruction, sanitary and storm sewer design, watermain design, site servicing design, stormwater management plans, storm sewer modeling, vehicle swept path analysis, site inspection and contract administration. Our multi-disciplinary team combines traditional engineering expertise with specialized environmental skills, including fluvial geomorphology, sediment and erosion control, stormwater and drainage management.


UEM offers a comprehensive suite of services that integrate traditional civil engineering expertise with specialized environmental skills, maximizing benefits at every stage of a project. We offer a full range of municipal and civil infrastructure services

What We Offer

We offer a full range of municipal and civil infrastructure services:

  • Full and Class Environmental Assessment
  • Municipal Servicing Master Plans
  • Water and Sewage System Modelling
  • Water Distribution System Analysis and Design
  • Sewage Collection System Analysis and Design
  • Stormwater Management and Storm Sewer Design
  • Drainage Act Compliance
  • Functional, Preliminary and Detailed Road Design
  • Infrastructure Cost-Sharing Analysis
  • Subdivision and Commercial Site Design
  • Site Servicing and Grading Plans
  • Project Tendering and Contract Administration


UEM’s planning and engineering professionals have a thorough understanding of the environmental assessment (EA) process. The UEM Team has extensive experience in completing Class EAs for road, transportation, water, wastewater and stormwater projects. Our Team draws upon in-house experts in transportation engineering, stormwater management and water/wastewater engineering to complete these projects in consideration of existing site conditions and both preferred and alternative solutions. The Team has also managed public consultation, technical workshops, and stakeholder engagement and mediation processes for numerous EAs.

In addition to our municipal Class EA experience, UEM has completed master planning and environmental application processes relating to large private-sector development projects.

Environmental Assessment services include:

  • Full environmental assessment
  • Municipal Class environmental assessment
  • Master planning services
  • Environmental application processes
  • Public consultation and communication
  • Stakeholder mediation


UEM offers a wide range of infrastructure engineering services that see our clients from the environmental assessment stage through to contract administration and site observation. Our Team of professionals includes engineers and technical staff with expertise in road design, site servicing, transportation, water, wastewater, environmental assessment and public consultation.

Infrastructure engineering services include:

  • Functional, preliminary and detailed design of water, sanitary and storm utilities
  • Functional, preliminary and detailed design of roadway cross-sections
  • Design of street lighting, pavement marking, signage, and other associated roadway infrastructure
  • Consultation and liaison with utilities and approval agencies
  • Base plan preparation and topographic surveys
  • Site plan design, servicing and grading plans
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Project tendering services
  • Infrastructure cost-sharing analyses
  • Cash flow and return-on-investment studies


UEM’s Engineering Team offers contract administration services from initial planning through to completion of construction. When properly executed, contract administration services ensure that construction and development activities are completed efficiently and as specified. UEM focuses on environmentally responsible and technically sound solutions throughout administration of the contract.

Contract administration services include:

  • Provision of guidance to contractors, including interpretation of specifications
  • Site observation and monitoring of construction
  • Recording of field information and construction details for modification of contract drawings
  • Field testing and inspection of installed materials and equipment
  • Progress payment review
  • Project management and compliance monitoring