What We Do

The goal of asset management is to provide a framework and tools to make informed decisions on infrastructure spending choices in an environment where accountability is demanded and varied interests are competing for a share of limited resources. Asset management practices consider corporate objectives and customer levels of service to establish service-to-asset hierarchies and spending priorities, reduce risk, improve system reliability, and sustain valuable community services.

UEM’s Asset Management Professionals believe that there are better ways to make decisions, to allocate resources, and to plan for the future. UEM’s risk-centric approach to asset management ensures that an organization’s most critical assets are identified and prioritized.

Our Recent Projects

These recent projects provide a sampling of UEM’s Asset Management experience:

  • Risk Centric Asset Management Presentation to the Treasurers of Eastern Ontario
  • Development of a Corporate Asset Management Program (Region of Peel)
  • Development of an Asset Management Program for Power Utilities (Brantford Power Inc.)
  • Development of an Asset Management Strategy and Plan (Town of Ingersoll)
  • Solid Waste Management Facilities Asset Management Plan (City of Greater Sudbury)
  • 2013 State of Infrastructure Reporting (York Region)